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How to make a homemade antlion trap

DIY Antlion Trap: Catching Them Has Never Been Easier!

Antlions are insects that are known for their unique hunting method of creating a trap for their prey. If you want to get rid of antlions in your home or garden, you can create a homemade antlion trap. Here are the steps to make one:

Step 1: Find a suitable location
Look for an area where you have seen antlions or where you suspect they may be present. A good location would be a dry and sandy area where antlions can easily dig their traps.

Step 2: Dig a hole
Using a small shovel or a trowel, dig a small hole in the ground. The hole should be about 2-3 inches in diameter and 2-3 inches deep.

Step 3: Create a funnel
Using a small piece of paper or cardboard, create a funnel that fits into the hole. The narrow end of the funnel should be at the bottom of the hole.

Step 4: Cover the hole
Cover the hole with a light layer of sand or dirt. This will make the trap look like a natural part of the environment and prevent the antlions from detecting it.

Step 5: Wait and check
Wait for a few days and check the trap regularly. Antlions will fall into the trap and be unable to climb out. You can dispose of them by pouring hot water into the trap or by releasing them into a different area.

By following these steps, you can create a homemade antlion trap that will help you get rid of these insects in your home or garden.

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